I asked to carry on using it after the trial because I don't want to be without it. I can see from the photos that were taken at the start of the trial that the sun damage (possibly caused as a result of perfume on my neck) has reduced by at least 50% in the six months I've been using it.
My skin looks a lot happier. I feel miles better about it now.
It's such a relief to find something I can use!”

In the Media...

January/February 2014 – Royal Brunei Airlines magazine

January/February 2014 – Royal Brunei Airlines magazine

New Zealand Made - Oh Natural

Vede & Crede, which is latin, literally translates to 'see and believe' which is so relevant. Why? Because even in it's short life the company has ...
Mar 4, 2013

In love: Vede & Crede's Facial cleansing tonic

A while back now I had an – extended – rave about my discovery of Vede & Crede facial serums, which I’ve recommended to all in sundry ever since...

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Vede & Crede Skincare calls itself a "gorgeous, sensual, organic skincare range", and its formulas feature highly prized, time-tested botanical ...
September 2012

Vede &Crede | GS1NZ

Vede & Crede. Under the harsh sun of the south-western Sahara, the Berber people know how to look after their skin. Women have used argan oil for centuries: ...

The Dominion Post weekend Life magazine - Refreshing Skincare's Global Recipe

The creator of Vede & Crede Skincare Ltd throws in a dash of Muslim-inspired halal and Indian-inspired Ayurvedic themes into her concoctions, writes Rachel ...rachel.wattie.me
July 2012 – Dominion Post Life magazine

Gill South: On the face of it

Vede & Crede Soothing Facial Serum, which is rather lush and contains Bulgarian Rose Absolute Oil, ideal for nourishing sensitive, neglected and/or mature skin
February 2012   – NZ Herald

Noteworthy newcomers in skincare

Vede & Crede Soothing Facial Serum $77 Auckland woman Chrissy Fletcher had her introduction to vitamin-rich argan oil at source, during a trip ...
Viva Magazine NZ Herald - Vede and Crede newcomers in skincare January 2012 – Viva magazine, NZ Herald

Beauty Spot

Beauty Spot - Vegan Magazine
Decemver 2011 – Vegan Magazine


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