Your product is far superior to the products I previously used. Yours is lighter on the skin, more refreshing and healing. As you know, my daughter (28) experienced bad scarring as a result of a spa treatment and was very anxious about her skin two months before her wedding. We both have to be extremely careful about what we put on our skin and cannot use most moisturisers without risking a bad reaction. Following my very positive experience on the trial, I recommended she try your serum. (As per your advice, I had been cautious and trialled it on my neck to begin with just to check there would be no reaction, and I recommended she do likewise. Neither of us had a reaction.)”

Vede and Crede Skincre is proud to announce our arrival  on the New Zealand market

Vede & Crede Skincare is a beautiful, high quality, New Zealand-made organic and natural skincare range designed to uplift
and transport those who use it in the precious, few moments they get to take time out in a busy day.

In this crazy, mixed up, disillusioned world where the dollar reigns supreme, Vede & Crede Skincare salutes another time when craftsmanship and superior quality was all that mattered.

Our products are made from highly prized, time-tested, premium quality, organic and natural botanical ingredients from NZ, Morocco, the Middle East and ayurvedic India.

Our serums consist of certified organic, cold pressed, virgin Argan and Prickly Pear Seed Oils bought direct from the producer in Morocco. Full of the fatty acids that skin loves including very high levels of Vitamin E, rare botanical sterols and potent natural anti-oxidants that have proven so effective in reducing the signs of ageing, they are fragranced with natural Essential Sandalwood Oil, from India, natural Rose Absolut Oil from Bulgaria

natural Jasmine Oil and a specially created certified natural parfum just for us from an internationally accredited French perfumer.

Our soft, natural cleansing toner consists of French Rosewater, Red Sandalwood, Date and Soapnut Extracts.

Vede & Crede Skincare's beautiful violet glass bottles are imported from Switzerland and have been specially designed to limit and control UV light absorption for the protection of precious ingredients.

Welcome to our world!

Our philosophy is simple...

We sell products that we ourselves love to use - natural, effective, sensual and good for you.

We love using ingredients that are as pure as possible: premium quality, certified organic, virgin, cold-pressed.

We prefer to buy most of our premium quality ingredients direct from the producer if we can because we want our business to benefit grass-roots communities. We are committed to full labelling and no testing on animals.

[Photo: Argan seeds being processed for their oil]

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